Ultimate Wash – $24.95 Best Value!

  • Basic Wash
  • Rain X Complete Surface Protectant
  • Triple Foam Polish
  • Buff and Wax Coupon
  • Under carriage and Rust Inhibitor
  • Air Fragrance
  • Wheel Brite
  • White Walls (if applicable)
  • Tire Shine
  • Floor Mats

Premium Wash - $21.95

  • Basic Wash
  • Rain X Complete Surface Protectant
  • Triple Foam Polish
  • Undercarriage and Rust Inhibitor
  • Tire Shine
  • Wheel Brite

Buff and Wax Coupon

Deluxe Wash - $16.95

  • Basic Wash
  • Rain X Complete Surface Protectant
  • Wheel Brite

Basic Wash - $13.95

  • Soft Cloth Car Wash
  • Car Vacuumed
  • Dashboard Cleaned
  • Complete Window Cleaning
  • Towel Dried


  • Express Exterior Wash – Soft cloth car wash, towel dried and outside windows only $8.95 with weather guarantee; $6.95 without weather guarantee
  • Express Exterior Wash and Wheel Deal – soft cloth car wash, wheel brite and Rain X $13.95
  • Express Exterior Wash and Wax Deal – Soft cloth wash, Triple Foam Polish, Rain X Complete Surface Protectant. $13.95
  • Express Exterior Wash Wax and Wheel Deal – Soft cloth wash, wheel brite and Rubber/Leather/Vinyl Dressing, Triple Foam Polish, Rain X Complete Surface Protectant $16.95



Blue Coral Express Wax

Add unbelievable shine to your cars exterior with our Blue Coral Express Wax. This Service takes just minutes for a quality hand-applied wax application.


Triple Foam Polisher $4.00

Add deep cleaning and extra gloss to your vehicle with three colors of Blue Coral Triple Foam Polish.


Rain X Complete Surface Protectant
Our most durable protectant adds long-lasting shine and protection to your vehicle. Rain X protects your entire vehicle from the elements and repels rain and snow for better visibility in adverse conditions.

Undercarriage & Rust Inhibitor $3.00
Underbody wash and rust inhibitor applied to protect your untreated chassis components against corrosion.

Wheel Brightener $4.00
Penetrates and safely removes grease, road oils and brake dust from your wheels

Hand Scrubbed White Walls $4.00
Brings the white back

Floor Mats $4.00
Set of 4 mats machine cleaned (some vehicles additional)

Rubber, Leather & Vinyl Dressing
Tires Only $3.00
Exterior Only $6.00
Interior Only $10.00
Complete (all 3) $15.00

Hand Washing
Cars...from $30.00
Trucks...from $35.00


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